Voice for the Corporate Executive or Professional

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice ~ Steve Jobs

Speak to Be Heard


Do you want to speak and have people listen?

Aimed at middle management, this course endeavours to provide the corporate manager with the skills required to make more of an impact with their communications. You will learn to become a more confident presenter and public speaker and in doing so will discover ways to communicate more confidently and effectively in the workplace and corporate world.

Clients will be assessed on an individual basis to tailor the course fundamentals to suit their needs. Together we will discover what vocal habits may be holding you back from rising in the corporate ranks. You will discover ways to retrain your mind, body and voice to deliver more impassioned, powerful communications. Learn how to build confidence and deal with nerves. Discover the secrets to building a rapport with your audience (clients or team).

Engage, be present in the moment and sell yourself as well as your product…

Group classes and one-on-one courses are available.