Voice for the Actor

He who only half breathes only half lives ~ Yoga proverb

The voice is the most powerful tool in an actor’s arsenal, keep yours in tip-top shape.


Are you an actor seeking to approach auditions, your stagecraft or your time on screen with more confidence and ease?

As a leading voice and dialect coach, Natasha McNamara has been assisting actor’s in learning the techniques to free their true voice for more than a decade.  She offers a range of courses suited to professional actors or those seeking help with the audition process.

These include:

Voice on Film: Designed for the actor wanting to make the move from stage to screen. 

Voice on Stage  The voice is an actor’s most powerful tool, keep yours in tip-top shape. 

 Dialect Coaching: Whether you want to brush up on your standard American for pilot season, tackle a Galway accent for a new independent theatre production we can assist you in delivering an accent that is pitch perfect.